As a designer and visual artist I have had a keen curiosity about my environment all my life. 
In architecture school my minor study was urban design where in the mid eighties we were discovering a renewal of interest in the timeless qualities of the built environment that seemed to engulf “Modernism” in a cloud of dense meaning and sensuality. 

As a professional I have gravitated to understanding the loved qualities of place- buildings, towns, cities, and the spaces that exist within them. I believe that successful places large and small transcend notions of style, and certainly emasculate the egoist designer. 

My work involves a lot of patient observation, and requires getting off the interstate, and driving right to the center of a place, getting out of the car, and walking around, sitting at sidewalk cafe’s, and breathing in space and activity. Sketching is an integral aspect of my process and part of my compulsive desire to connect with this living processional of life with mind and hand- a kinesthetic experience of a place.

Vieste, Italy
Park River concept
Cividale, Italy
Fairchild Lofts commercial concept
Minneapolis skyline
Sioux Falls, ND- Urban Design

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